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Privacy policy

Privacy Policy Overview

This document outlines how Nethart collects and uses personal information.

1. Data Collection Purpose

Nethart collects personal data solely for essential service provision and adheres to privacy rights and regulations, including the General Data Protection Regulation (EU 2016/679). Data processing includes collection, recording, storage, and transfer, sometimes using resources outside the EU/EEA.

2. Types of Personal Data

We handle personal data related to employees, customers, vendors, and website visitors, focusing on contact and professional information and activities performed with these individuals.

3. Data Processing Principles

  • We ensure data quality and provide access to data subjects upon request.
  • We notify public authorities as required by law.
  • Data processing for clients is contractually based, with secure transfer mechanisms for data sent outside the EU/EEA.
  • We implement security measures to protect data and comply with legal standards.

4. Audit Program

Regular audits ensure compliance with data protection and privacy standards.

5. Policy Changes

Nethart may update this privacy policy as necessary.

6. Complaints

Direct any complaints to [email protected].

Information Security and Data Privacy Governance

7. Risk Management

Nethart manages risks in IT security, business operations, and legal compliance.

8. Security Policies

We follow policies aligned with ISO 27001 and OWASP S-SDLC, covering data classification, protection, network, encryption, and more.

9. Organizational Security Approach

As a small, agile team, we collectively ensure the security and privacy of data. Our approach involves:

  • Regular training and awareness sessions for all team members to stay updated on best security and privacy practices.
  • Collaborative decision-making involving all team members when it comes to implementing and updating our security measures and privacy policies.
  • Designating a responsible individual or a small group (as appropriate) for overseeing and managing specific aspects of data security and privacy.
  • Ensuring all team members understand their role in maintaining data security and privacy, and are equipped to handle related tasks and inquiries.

10. Asset Management

We classify data based on sensitivity and ensure compliance.

11. Human Resources Security

We maintain high security and privacy awareness among employees and subcontractors.

12. Physical and Environmental Security

Our data centers are highly secure, with access control and monitoring systems.

13. Operations Management

We use tools for anti-malware, intrusion prevention, and other security aspects in our infrastructure.

14. Access Control

Central control of access and authentication is maintained for security.

15. System Development and Maintenance

Decisions on system changes are made considering security, risk, and compliance.

16. Incident Management

SOC handles compliance monitoring and incident response.

17. Business Continuity

We have robust solutions for business continuity in emergencies.

12. Compliance

Regular legal audits and external specialist consultations ensure compliance.

Cookie Policy

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