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Rebuilding of the membership platform for CO2 Neutral Website

Tasked with revitalizing a pivotal global climate initiative, we transformed CO2 Neutral Website's digital presence. Our solution seamlessly blended a minimalist design with user-centric functionality, resulting in a serverless platform optimized for performance and multilingual content management.

Image of the new CNW website - homepage preview

Client: CO2 Neutral Website

Timespan: Apr '20 - present

Key Focus: Membership Platforms

Scope: Web Design, Content Production, Web Development

Technologies: Next.js, Sanity, Vercel, Tailwind CSS

CO2 Neutral Website is a global climate initiative with participating websites from all over the world. Launched in 2009, the initiative was motivated by the revelation that the Internet and information technology's CO2 emissions had surpassed those of air transport.

By joining CNW, companies offset the CO2 emissions resulting from their website infrastructure. Membership entails participation in certified projects, such as rainforest conservation, developing renewable energy sources, and enhancing energy efficiency and access to clean water in Africa.

Today more than 2,500 companies globally participate in CNW initiative.

A Renewed Digital Voyage

CO2 Neutral Website is driven by twin objectives: guiding businesses toward eco-conscious operations and enhancing their brand appeal. We're on a crusade to demystify the route for companies wanting to offset their web-driven CO2 emissions, ensuring they polish their brand image in the process.

The previous website, along with its signup flow, was a tailor-made solution that had begun to show its age and inflexibility. In line with CNW's visionary aspirations, a complete digital overhaul was undertaken. This overhaul prioritized modern design, deep product immersion, and swift performance.
The outcome? A sophisticated Membership Portal harmoniously marrying minimalist design with user-centric functionality.

In crafting the site's technological foundation, we adopted composable architecture coupled with a serverless method. Leveraging the Static Site Generator (SSG) approach, we integrated Next.js and Vercel at the core, giving precedence to simplicity and speed.
To cater to CNW's multilingual needs, Sanity CMS was intricately woven into our architecture, establishing a robust platform for seamless creation and management of content across 15 languages.

Visit the CO2 Neutral Website for more details.

“Since launching our new platform, we've seen a significant improvement in product performance. Nethart has demonstrated a profound understanding of both the technical intricacies and our business domain.

They provide solid technical support that is an essential component for our operations. Our continued collaboration is a testament to their reliability as a partner in building a digital product.”

Erik Sommer
CEO, CO2 Neutral Website

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