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Building your custom frames made easy and accessible

Collaborating with Framing People, we revolutionized the online custom framing experience. Harnessing advanced technologies like Sanity, Next.js and Three.js, we crafted an intuitive platform where users can configure, visualize, and order their frames, effortlessly.

Image of the new CNW website - homepage preview

Client: Framing People

Timespan: Feb '16 - 2022

Key Focus: Configurable eCommerce

Scope: Web Development

Technologies: Next.js, Sanity, Vercel, Tailwind CSS, Three.js

In 2019, Framing People approached us with an ambitious vision: they wanted to redefine the experience of ordering custom frames online. Jonas, the founder of Framing People, envisioned a platform where users could seamlessly configure their frame and visualize the final product.

To bring this vision to life, we needed to create an entirely new version of the product. Within just six months, we launched a dynamic, configurable eCommerce platform. To get a firsthand look, visit Framing People.

Preview of the website with different mobile views

From a technical standpoint, this project offered us a unique opportunity to weave together cutting-edge tools like Next.js, Vercel, Three.js, Shopify, and

The outcome? A web application that lets users frame their artwork in the most personalized manner possible. With the frame builder feature, users can configure a frame, upload their chosen artwork, and preview the result in 3D—ensuring the final product is precisely what they envisioned.

“Nethart turned my business idea into a reality.

Nethart team has given my business a quality enhancement. I feel that my needs have been understood while often the team has not been afraid to come up with alternative recommendations for achieving the best possible result. I would highly recommend them!”

Jonas Bach
Founder, Framing People

Crafted with passion and care at our Digital Craftshop.

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