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From a blank canvas to a dynamic SaaS brand

For Hakio, a trailblazing Danish SaaS startup, we didn't just build a website—we crafted an entire brand identity. From conceptualizing their name to establishing a robust online presence, we transformed a fresh idea into a vibrant force in the fashion industry's tech space.

Hakio mood image of a warehouse

Client: Hakio

Timespan: Mar '22 - present

Key Focus: SaaS Marketing Website

Scope: Web Design, Content Production, Web Development

Technologies: Next.js, Sanity, Vercel, Tailwind CSS, Hubspot

Hakio, emerging from Aarhus, Denmark, is a dynamic SaaS startup revolutionizing the realm of demand planning and forecasting. Their sophisticated tool offers unbiased, data-driven planning solutions, particularly catering to the fashion industry. With their advanced algorithms, Hakio enables planners to make informed decisions based on real-time data, streamlining the forecasting process.

In a remarkable achievement for the Danish market, Hakio closed a historic seed funding round at the end of 2023, securing €4.5 million. This significant milestone has positioned them as a key player in technology-driven demand planning.
Notably, Hakio's client roster includes leading fashion brands such as Jack&Jones, Vero Moda, Only, and many others, underlining their impact and reach in the industry.

The Challenge

When we began our journey with Hakio, it was a startup in the most fundamental sense — a brand-new venture without even a name. Our challenge extended beyond creating a mere website; it involved building the foundational elements of a modern company. This encompassed crafting a unique brand name, establishing core values, developing a distinctive visual identity, and forging a robust online presence.

Our Solution

Our journey with Hakio began at ground zero. Inspired by a childhood passion for the manga series 'OnePiece', we derived 'Hakio' from the series’ concept of 'observation Haki', symbolizing insight and foresight. This became the cornerstone of the brand’s identity.Our work spanned across defining and identifying company values, crafting a visual identity, and developing a streamlined, visually engaging website. We ensured that every aspect resonated with Hakio's core mission and vision.

Hakio website - desktop view of the homepage

Technical Details

The website was built using a serverless Vercel setup, employing Next.js for the frontend with an SSG approach, and styled using Tailwind CSS. Integration with Hubspot was implemented for efficient customer relationship management.


The foundational branding, visual identity, and the first version of the website were all accomplished in about 3 months. This included design, development, and content setup. However, the website is an ever-evolving project, with regular updates and new functionalities.

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Mobile views
Layout with website visuals
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“Our collaboration with Martins and his team has been a very positive and productive experience.

Nethart offered services in two key areas for us: Marketing and Product development. Their approach to our branding and visual identity, combined with the design and development of our marketing website, was thorough and well-executed. On the product side, their ongoing design and prototyping work for our SaaS product has been fantastic.

The quality of their work, especially in terms of attention to detail in design and functionality, was above and beyond our expectations.

Communication has been consistent and effective. They have been responsive and integrated well with our team, facilitating a smooth collaborative process.

We look forward to our ongoing collaboration, confident in the reliable partnership we have established.”

Malte Bjerg Vittrup
CEO, Hakio

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