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Headless eCommerce with Shopify launched in two weeks

Office Stance is a contemporary design studio that's reimagining the modern workspace. Drawing from rich Scandinavian traditions, they craft office items that embody functionalism and minimalist aesthetics. The versatile, user-friendly products are available directly to consumers through their online store, embracing a Direct-To-Customer (DTC) approach.

Close up image of Office Stance monitor stand and drawer

Client: Office Stance

Timespan: Apr '21 - present

Key Focus: Headless eCommerce

Scope: Web Design, Content Production, Web Development

Technologies: Shopify, Sanity, Next.js, Vercel, Tailwind CSS

In early 2019 Office Stance started their online shop solely for the danish market with a simple standard Shopify template. Soon after they extended the setup with a second Shopify store to support euro currency and english language for other european countries.

Office Stance holds Shopify in high regard, particularly appreciating its versatile infrastructure, ease of updates for customers and orders, and the ability to integrate a plethora of apps to meet various needs.

However, they noticed that content management becomes cumbersome with intricate page structures, especially when handling multiple languages and currencies. Additionally, the platform poses constraints on customizations, making it challenging to ensure a unique and outstanding user experience.

First version launched in just two weeks

We reimagined the user experience, emphasizing simplicity and minimalism, and swiftly transitioned to the implementation phase. The new online shop was constructed using our eCommerce building module, the "Nethart Layer", which seamlessly combines the capabilities of Sanity, Shopify, and Next.js. This integration fosters unparalleled efficiency in collaboration among designers, engineers, and content strategists. It distributes the workload effectively, minimizes bottlenecks by empowering non-developers to establish many of the website's standard elements, and ensures the swiftest delivery.

This revamped eCommerce platform equips Office Stance with a lightning-fast Jamstack site. From a business standpoint, it offers them streamlined content management and the flexibility they desired, including support for multiple languages, various currencies, VAT-free transactions for EU businesses, and boundless opportunities to showcase their brand and products.

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