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Crafting a digital home for a content powerhouse

Client: Små Film

Timespan: May '23 - present

Key Focus: B2B Marketing Website

Scope: Web Design, Content Production, Web Development

Technologies: Sanity, Next.js, Vercel, Tailwind CSS, MUX, Klaviyo, Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics 4

The Challenge

Just kicking off their journey, Små Film needed more than just a website; they envisioned a platform that could evolve into a full-blown knowledge hub. On their wishlist? Landing pages, gated content, video showcases, and seamless integrations with Klaviyo for marketing needs. All while laying the foundation for future scaling, including e-learning and expanded marketing integrations.

Our Solution

We got to work creating a design that resonated with Små Film’s vibrant and youthful energy, yet was straightforward enough for quick and efficient deployment. Powered by Next.js and hosted on Vercel, the frontend is built for speed. MUX takes care of video needs, and Sanity offers unparalleled flexibility for content management. Klaviyo integration, along with Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics 4, ensures they’re all set for future marketing campaigns.

The Team

Martins (Product Lead)
Maris (Digital Designer)
Bruno (Full-stack Developer)

The Timeline

In just a month and a half, design, development, and content setup were all wrapped up, ready to go live.

Future Plans

Små Film’s website is designed to scale. Plans are already in motion to expand its features, adding e-learning capabilities and reaching out to new audiences.

“Working with Nethart was a rock-solid experience from start to finish. Not only did they cover design and development, but they even provided invaluable strategic marketing advice.
Their project management was top-notch and communication was efficient, perfectly aligning the project scope with our budget and timeline.

The website they delivered does exactly what we needed: it showcases our video work, supports our marketing goals, and is incredibly easy to manage.

What stood out the most was the team who genuinely listens. They made smart tech choices that leave the door open for future scaling.
Would I recommend them? Absolutely. They are good people, and they've proven they can tackle challenges with effectiveness and style.”

Oliver Dinesen
Content Creator / Partner, Små Film

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