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About us

Because we love building products

We are a team of self-organizing digital craftsmen - engineers, designers, marketers, strategists, process masters - united by our passion for building well-crafted digital products that serve people and energize businesses.

Digital Craftshop

Our ambition is nothing less than being masters at what we do. It goes above and beyond what is required of us. Quality over quantity. Because we know - most of the times when developing products: less [and better] is more.

Nethart team

A self-organizing model

It is not really an assambley-line work we are doing here. That's why we believe in skilled people and teams over rigid processes. And we believe the only model for building great tech products is leting teams self-organize in the way they feel is best for the success of the project.

A distributed team structure as an advantage

We have our offices in Denmark and Latvia. Some people work from there. But most people at Nethart work from home most of the time.
Our virtual setup is an advantage for you as a client because our collaboration framework is easy to plug into and integrate with any other setup.

The remote model is also an advantage for us as a company. We are able to attract and retain better talent.

Nethart team in the meeting

Nethart team in the meeting

A story about you

You probably are an early stage startup or an established business with a need to create a new digital product from scratch or radically improve an existing one.

Of course you care for speed. But most importantly you know - execution is everything. That's why you are looking for a partner who’s truly in this with you. For the long haul. For someone who can fully integrate, collaborate and execute effectively.

You have come to the right place.

Frame Builder

Our frames are designed not just to enhance your art but also to seamlessly integrate into your living space. Elevate the aesthetic of your home or office with frames that are as functional as they are stylish.

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